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Economic Financial Solutions believe that a personal service benefits our clients greatly as does getting advice from mortgage brokers with local knowledge. We have financial advisers based in all major centres of population in the country, including Tyneside. If you are looking to purchase a new home then you will be able use one of our professional brokers to get mortgage advice in Newcastle.

In the past finding the right mortgage was relatively straight forward; you could just visit a handful of national building societies and grab some leaflets to take home to compare the rates. Things are a bit more complex these days with a huge array of mortgage types and mortgage lenders. Searching through all these is time consuming and confusing so why not contact one of our brokers to get your mortgage advice in Newcastle.

Mortgage advice in Newcastle for first time buyers The credit crunch has had a huge effect on the country and the mortgage market has not escaped. There are now far fewer mortgages available for first time buyers and to add to this the minimum deposit that mortgage lenders now require is much higher. 100% mortgages are now a thing of the past. However first time buyers do have one advantage over other buyers, other than cash buyers, and itís the fact that they are not part of a property chain and so vendors know there is less to go wrong. Our financial advisers have huge experience in arranging mortgages for first time buyers so for your local mortgage advice in Newcastle fill out the online form.

Buy to let mortgage advice in Newcastle

Those seeking mortgages for buy to let properties have also been affected by the credit crunch with banks generally being reluctant to lend as freely as they did a couple of years ago. However some mortgage lenders will still finance buy to let properties and for them the projected rental revenue from the property is more significant than the personal income of the buyer. The buy to let mortgage market is highly specialised and you would benefit from mortgage advice.

Newcastle is a great City with all sorts of properties and whatever the mortgage type you require to buy one of these let us help you. Fill out the online form and one of our expert mortgage brokers will get in touch to discuss your mortgage needs.


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Commercial Mortgages and Buy to let mortgages are not typically regulated by the FSA


We do not charge a fee for mortgage advice. A fee based option is available of typically 2% of the mortgage amount.
For example on a loan of £25,000 the fee would be £500

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