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Economic Financial Solutions have mortgage brokers local to Manchester; they are professional, qualified financial advisers with local knowledge. Our brokers will be able to give you the advice you need to get the best mortgage deal either from a national lender or a local one.

Our local brokers know the Manchester area and the market conditions; this local knowledge combined with their experience means that they can help with your personal mortgage requirements.

There are many more mortgage deals around than just the ones nationally advertised, for example there are local lenders and specialist mortgages, in short there are thousands of different mortgages out there. Our brokers will search them all and recommend the one that best matches your personal circumstances. You could save thousands of pounds over the term of your mortgage.

First time buyers in Manchester

The overall number of mortgages available in the UK has been greatly reduced by the credit crunch with lenders being quite wary of lending. 100% mortgages are now a thing of the past and both these factors have caused difficulties for first time buyers. Itís not all doom and gloom though as vendors much prefer to sell to first time buyers. The reason for this is that first time buyers are not part of a property chain and so they know there is a much better chance of the mortgage being completed. Our mortgage brokers in Manchester have huge experience in arranging mortgages for first time buyers.

Buy to Let Mortgages in Manchester

The first time buyer segment of the mortgage market is not the only one affected by the credit crunch. The buy to let segment has also been affected but despite this, mortgage companies will still finance buy to let mortgages and they will take into account the projected rental income of the property rather than the income of the purchaser when deciding upon the mortgage. Brokers in Manchester will be able to help you get the appropriate mortgage.

Whether itís a buy to let mortgage you require or any other mortgage type just fill out the online form and a mortgage broker in Manchester will contact you to discuss your mortgage needs.


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Commercial Mortgages and Buy to let mortgages are not typically regulated by the FSA


We do not charge a fee for mortgage advice. A fee based option is available of typically 2% of the mortgage amount.
For example on a loan of £25,000 the fee would be £500

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