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Economic Financial Solutions provide a broad range of financial products and our financial advisers are based in all the key centres of population in the UK and we have several mortgage brokers in Liverpool. We very much believe in providing a personal service and believe that local knowledge is important as our brokers in Liverpool will be able to search national lenders and also local lenders who sometimes offer better rates to local people.

In the past deciding what mortgage lender to use was relatively straight forward. You could just take a trip into town and visit a few of the high street building societies to pick up some leaflets and compare the mortgages and available interest rates over a nice cup of tea at home. These days though the mortgage market is highly complex with many mortgage types and many mortgage providers. Working through all the options can take a lot of time but our professional mortgage brokers in Liverpool will be able to do the hard work for you and can help find you a suitable mortgage.

First Time Buyers

Our mortgage brokers in Liverpool have huge experience in getting mortgages for first time buyers, though itís fair to say the credit crunch has had quite an impact on the mortgage market with far fewer mortgages being available generally. Also mortgage lenders require first time buyers to pay much larger deposits than was previously the case and 100% mortgages are now a thing of the past. But itís not all bad news as vendors much prefer selling to first time buyers as no property chain will be involved and a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Buy to Let Mortgages

Those seeking buy to let mortgages have also been affected by the credit crunch. However mortgage providers are still prepared to finance buy to let mortgages and place particular importance on the projected rental income from the property rather than on the income of the purchaser. The buy to let segment of the mortgage market is highly specialised and our mortgage brokers in Liverpool will be able to guide you through the myriad of mortgages available. If you are seeking a buy to let mortgage, or indeed any other type of mortgage, fill out our online form and one of our mortgage brokers in Liverpool will contact you to further discuss your mortgage needs.


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Commercial Mortgages and Buy to let mortgages are not typically regulated by the FSA


We do not charge a fee for mortgage advice. A fee based option is available of typically 2% of the mortgage amount.
For example on a loan of £25,000 the fee would be £500

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