Buiding and Contents Insurance

What is building and contents insurance?

Building and contents insurance does what it says it will do and insures your home and its contents against damage to both the fabric of the building caused by events such as fire, flooding or storm and damage to the contents of your home from events including those described above and also from theft or other events causing loss or damage.

Why do I need building and contents insurance?

Most, if not all, mortgage lenders will require you to take out building and contents insurance as they will want to ensure their investment is protected against any form of damage and if you donít have a mortgage it would be wise for you to take out building and contents insurance anyway, and most people do, to protect your home and your possessions against any seen or unforeseen circumstances.

Do I have to take out building and contents insurance with my mortgage lender?

It certainly used to be the case that mortgage lenders would require you to take out their building and contents insurance policy before they would lend you the money to buy your home but this is no longer the case. It is now possible to arrange insurance cover with any number of firms and the result of this is that the building and contents insurance market is now highly competitive with lots of good deals available to those willing to shop around.

The downside of such a competitive market is that there are so many companies to choose from and so many options for what you might want to include in your policy.

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