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Why get life insurance?

Itís surprising how many people donít think it important to get life insurance but the vast majority would benefit from some form of life insurance cover. Everybody insures their car, though this is a legal requirement, but many fail to take out life insurance to cover the largest asset they are ever likely to own, such at their homes.

The sort of people who would benefit from life insurance are basically anyone with assets they wish to protect and want to bequeath to family, friends or even their favourite charity. There are a variety of life insurance policy types but most fall under the two broad categories of investment-type and protection-only life insurance.

Protection-only life insurance

The cheapest life insurance option is to take out protection-only, or term assurance. With term assurance policies you will be covered for a fixed term and your beneficiaries will receive a pay out if you die during the term of the policy. However if you survive the Ďtermí of your life insurance policy you will receive nothing but it is possible to renew term assurance policies.

Investment type life insurance

Investment type life insurance policies can be further divided into whole life insurance and endowment policies.

Unlike term insurance endowment policies pay out if you die during the fixed period and at the end of this period, should you survive it. For this reason endowment policies have been quite popular.

Whole life insurance policies last a lifetime and pay out when you die. It is possible to cash in your policy early but it takes time to build up a big enough sum to make this worthwhile.

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