Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance (MPPI)

We live in economically uncertain times and the threat of huge cutbacks in the public sector looms large.

Unemployment and mortgage payment protection insurance

Losing your job can be a traumatic experience and can cause many problems, not least of which is being unable to make your monthly mortgage payments. Mortgage payment protection insurance is designed to help you pay your mortgage, or another nominated regular expense such as a loan. The more circumstances you wish to cover with your mortgage payment protection insurance plan, the more expensive the monthly premiums are likely to be.

Its worth noting that there are some exclusions in the unemployment and redundancy section of your mortgage payment protection insurance policy and they are as follows:

choosing to leave
end of contract
seasonal or temporary work
voluntary retirement
disciplinary action or misconduct

Its important to speak to a professional financial adviser to ensure you get appropriate cover.

Sickness and mortgage payment protection insurance

As well as losing your job you may be unfortunate enough to suffer from some illness or have an accident that prevents you from working and thus prevents you from earning a wage. In these instances mortgage payment protection insurance will also help.


If you are unable to meet your monthly mortgage repayments through illness and injury or unemployment and redundancy then mortgage payment protection insurance will help you pay your mortgage. There are many different mortgage payment protection insurance policies each with their own variations and its vital that you get the right one for you as this can make the difference between getting the full amount claimed, or in the worst case scenario you could possibly get nothing.

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