CAT Standard Mortgage

A CAT standard mortgage is a mortgage that adheres to a set of clearly defined standards that have been set out by the government in order to make the mortgage market less confusing for consumers. The aim is for greater transparency in mortgage products and the standard is meant to encourage mortgage lenders to market their products more clearly and to avoid using hidden charges. Whether a lender uses the CAT standard for mortgages is up to them and it does not mean that mortgages not covered by CAT standards are inferior products. CAT stands for charges, access and terms and some of the standards relating to these are as follows:


• Interest to be calculated daily
• All regular and overpayments to be credited immediately
• You must not be charged separately for your mortgage indemnity guarantee
• All fees must be disclosed before the loan is taken out
• Brokers arranging CAT standard mortgages for you should not charge fees


• Any customer may apply for a CAT standard Mortgage
• You may make early repayments whenever you wish
• If the lender is happy with your change of property you can carry on with your CAT standard mortgage in your new home
• You choose which day of the month to make your regular payments on


• If the lender can no longer continue your CAT standard mortgage and wants to change the mortgage terms they must give 6 months notice
• All advertising for CAT standard mortgages must be clear
• You don’t need to purchase any other financial product to qualify for a CAT standard mortgage


CAT standard mortgage ensure the terms of the mortgage are to be set out clearly and comprehensively, though it is worth bearing in mind that a non CAT standard mortgage is not necessarily inferior products.

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Commercial Mortgages and Buy to let mortgages are not typically regulated by the FSA


We do not charge a fee for mortgage advice. A fee based option is available of typically 2% of the mortgage amount.
For example on a loan of £25,000 the fee would be £500

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