Mortgage Types

There are various Mortgage Types available to UK homeowners (or prospective first time buyers). In this section of the Economic Financial Solutions website we cover an overview of information on the various mortgage types available.

Please note the information on this website should NOT be taken as advice on the most suitable type of mortgage available to you. You should submit a mortgage enquiry or call us on 0845 1800 290 and your EFS mortgage adviser will be able to help you find mortgage types and obtain the most suitable mortgage available to you, and provide further advice and information as appropriate.

Mortgage Types Available

The following is an overview of the mortgage types available. Please note this list may not be exhaustive, but overviews the main mortgage types available and that EFS regularly provide advice on.

First Time Buyer Mortgages
Moving House Mortgage
Buy To Let Mortgages
Equity Release Mortgages

We can also help you with the following mortgage types :

Shared Ownership Mortgages
Shared Equity Mortgages
Commercial Mortgages

Just click on any of the links above to find out more information about mortgage types.

How can EFS help me find the best mortgage available under one of these mortgage types?

Your EFS mortgage adviser will first spend some time gaining relevant information about you, and your needs and requirements. They will then research the whole of the mortgage market, and come back to you with their advice and recommendation(s) on the most suitable mortgage product(s) to meet your needs.

All advice and recommendations will be provided to you in writing and explained in a jargon free manner. You will be free to ask any questions at all that you may have so that you fully understand all elements of any mortgage products recommended to you. If your mortgage advisor does not think a mortgage is affordable for you they will not recommend it. You are under no obligation to proceed.

For more information on the mortgage types we use then please fill out the quick enquiry form below:





Commercial Mortgages and Buy to let mortgages are not typically regulated by the FSA


We do not charge a fee for mortgage advice. A fee based option is available of typically 2% of the mortgage amount.
For example on a loan of £25,000 the fee would be £500

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