Moving House Mortgage

The credit crunch has had a strong impact on the housing market and mortgage lenders have tightened their lending criteria significantly in the last couple of years. You will now need to be able to put down a deposit of at least 20 percent in order to secure a moving house mortgage or next time buyer mortgage deal. However it is likely that you will be in a very good position compared to first time buyers who might struggle to pay the higher deposits now needed.

Finding a Property

As well as the credit crunch having an effect on arranging your moving house mortgage the way people search for property has also changed. Traipsing around the high street peering through estate agents windows or browsing the property section in the local newspaper are not the only options. The growth in use of the World Wide Web is phenomenal and so itís no surprise that there are now many websites helping people search for properties and also most traditional estate agents now have a website listing their available properties.


The Internet is a very useful research took looking for a new home and when arranging a new moving house mortgage.

Getting the right mortgage deal can be a time consuming and difficult task so why not contact us and let our professional mortgage brokers make your options clear.

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